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How to Effectively Share Parenting Duties After Divorce

An experienced Houston divorce attorney can advise you and your spouse on shared parenting roles. 

A Houston Divorce Attorney Explains What You Can and Can't Control
There are some parenting decisions by your spouse that you have no control over, such as his or her food choices for the kids. However, as a parent, you can see to it that they are properly fed. The following are other examples of parenting duties within your control.

  • Pay for the children's school lunches and breakfast programs and check that they get them;
  • Give the children vitamins and remind them to take them;
  • Make sure the children get their annual checkups and pay for regular exams when necessary; and
  • Record everything in case your spouse is negligent and court intervention becomes necessary

Your Houston divorce attorney will tell you that it's best for you to let your spouse make his or her own decisions, and do your best when it's your turn to take care of the kids. It's understandable that you may disagree with your spouse on parenting choices, and your methods might be demonstrably more effective, but the courts will not intrude on your spouse's parenting decisions outside of dire circumstances. If you're convinced your ex-spouse is not giving the kids what they need, then you can do so when they are under your care. Otherwise, the kids are largely out of your hands when they go to the other spouse.

A Houston Family Law Lawyer Will Encourage You to Keep the Schedule
If you can't stick to the schedule and can't pick up your children, make sure that you call your spouse or the children well in advance to make other arrangements. In fact, you should set aside other obligations as much as possible to make time for the kids. Don't pull any foolish stunts, such as making your son wait several hours by the door just to prove that you're in control. It's crucial for the children to feel that they are unconditionally loved and supported. 

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