Property Division

Separate vs. Community Property in Texas

Houston Property Division Lawyer

If you are considering divorce, you probably want to know exactly what will happen to your property. Who will keep the family home? What will happen to bank accounts and investments? What about gifts or inheritances? Property division is one of the most pressing issues for most divorcing couples, and it is one that should be addressed by an attorney who has extensive experience with marital property rights.

In Texas, the property that spouses acquire during a marriage is considered community property and will be subject to division in a divorce. This can be an exceedingly complex matter, particularly if a considerable amount of assets is involved or if one or both spouses own a company. As a Houston property division attorney with nearly two decades of experience, Kay Polk understands the intricacies of Texas community property division and how it will affect her clients.

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Properly Classifying Assets in a Divorce

Classification is a challenging aspect of property division. All assets and debts must be accurately classified as:

  • Separate property, exempt from division in a divorce
  • Community property, subject to equitable distribution between spouses

When you consider that the assets acquired during a marriage may include real estate, motor vehicles, artwork, bank and investment accounts, family businesses, and many other valuable items, it is easy to see where challenges may arise in properly classifying and distributing property in a divorce.

How a Property Division Attorney Can Help

With the right attorney in your corner, you can feel confident that your assets will be fully and properly documented and presented. Your attorney can help you fight for the things that are important for you and can ensure your property is kept separate.

Remember, this is just one aspect of a divorce. For all your legal needs related to property division, child custody, child support, and all areas of family law, turn to Kay Polk, Attorney at Law. We’ve served Houston and the surrounding communities in Texas since 2000.

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