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  • I am so appreciated and pleased with all you have done for me and my case

    As a matter of fact, finding you for my case that I was into it year ago, was a bless for me, because you are so strong mind and amazing supportive for your clients. I learned with you how to be stronger that I was and how be smart woman and you as my lawyer defended me and my case amazing in high graded. I am so appreciated and pleased with all you have done for me and my case, and as much as I can any woman need lawyer and counselor, I am recommend you definitely.

    - Bahareh O.

  • Thank you, Thank you. Thank you for all you have done for me.

    Thank you so much! Don't know what I would do without you. If I come across anybody needing a GREAT Lawyer I will sure send to you.

    Thank you, Thank you. Thank you for all you have done for me.

    - Sharon

  • She took a very personal interest in my case and was a true ally.
    My greatest satisfaction in working with Kay is her responsiveness to my case. I've worked with attorneys in the past that return calls whenever they please, if at all. Kay is not like that; she took a very personal interest in my case and was a true ally. Further, her knowledge of family law is excellent, plus she has the backing of other "specialist" attorneys in her firm, which proves to be extremely important. We've been through divorce and subsequent custody trials together over the past 5 years, and Kay has handled depositions, temporary hearings, mediation, interrogatories, document review, final hearings, case entry... everything. I'll always use Kay for my family law needs and would strongly recommend her to anyone.

    - Frank H.

  • Mrs. Kay was as good a friend as I could have wanted throughout the process
    Mrs. Kay Polk was/is much more than my divorce attorney. I was in a terrible place in my marriage based on any measure and Mrs. Kay was as good a friend as I could have wanted throughout the process of my divorce. She knew the most effective legal avenues to take to ensure that I was/am able to see my kids as much as possible regardless of the unscrupulous opposition. Mrs. Polk took the time to explain the options available and why the best options were the best options. She was my advocate throughout the false allegations that I endured regarding my children and ensured that my final divorce decree did not lend itself to future misinterpretations. As ugly as my divorce was Mrs. Kay hung in there with me to the bitter end and held me on course even when I was ready to deviate.

    - Jake R.

  • She had the case for less than three months and it was settled.
    I highly recommend this attorney. I hired Kay to handle my divorce case after my first lawyer did not work out. She had the case for less than three months and it was settled. I appreciated her professionalism, her clear prompt communication and the personal touch with which she handled my divorce. She was so different from most lawyers who seem to just be about billing. Kay, on the other hand, cared about me and my family and worked hard to see that I was treated fairly in the divorce.

    - A Satisfied Client

  • I am so happy with her work and support.
    I have had Kay as my family law attorney since 2009 and she has been the most amazing advocate and supporter. As a father, I was under the mistaken belief that my rights as a father were subservient to my ex-wife's rights as a mother. Kay completely transformed my opinion with exceptional legal knowledge and explanations. Whether in emails, phone calls, or in-person meetings, she is always providing me with the best legal knowledge. Two recent cases come to mind. My divorce decree (which I hadn't had a lawyer review!) gave me less than what I was legally entitled under Texas Law. Kay helped me pursue a modification to grant me Expanded Standard Possession. Based on being a great father she said I would have absolutely no difficulties winning this. She attempted to negotiate directly with my ex-wife's attorney, but unfortunately, my ex-wife's attorney was more interested in padding the bill and delayed and delayed and wouldn't respond to emails or calls from Kay. She also attempted trickery to keep the case from moving forward. We just met roadblock after roadblock with my ex's lawyer. Finally, we get a court day and her lawyer attempts to get the case dismissed on a technicality, even though Kay was certain we'd had an agreement. The judge was pissed with her attorney and denied the motion, but time had run out on our slot so he sent us to mediation. 1.5 years after it all began we got to mediation and the mediator (a former judge in the very court we'd been in earlier) told my ex-wife point-blank "If this goes to court, your husband is going to get everything he's asking for, so you'd be best advised to settle this here." Which was exactly what Kay had told me 1.5 years before (and I had told my ex 1.5 years before). If my ex's lawyer had been like Kay, it would have been resolved in 20 minutes. The second case was when my son turned 12 and decided he wanted to live with me. Again Kay gave me great advice, even way back when he asked when he was 11 and Kay said, "Nothing we can do now, wait until he's 12. Call me in a year and we can start." How awesome is that?? A shady lawyer would have found some excuse to start billing me, but Kay is not like that. Now that my son is 12 Kay's work has been stellar. I am so happy with her work and support. She is very cost conscious and always looks for ways to keep the bill to a minimum. Added to that, her billable rate is relatively low. For the quality of the service, her billable rate is an absolute steal!! She explained to me exactly how the court looks at situations like this and how they would likely rule (in our favor!) based on our circumstances. I know if the circumstances weren't in our favor she'd say, "Save your money, you can't win this one." She is an exceptional family lawyer; kind, knowledgeable and responsive. I highly recommend her.

    - David

  • My experience with your firm was as pleasant as I could imagine.
    Kay, as far as child custody cases go, my experience with your firm was as pleasant as I could imagine. Your staff was professional and readily available for any questions that arose during the process. Thank you for your help in a favorable outcome and if the need arises (with myself, family or friends) we will be contacting your firm.

    - V.V.

  • I am incredibly grateful that I had Kay on my side.
    I retained Mrs. Polk’s services to help me in a custody dispute over my child. At the first conversation, she fully understood not only the problem, but also the nature of my child, his father, and me. She was always respectful and knowledgeable and provided guidance when needed. When dealing with the opposing side she was prepared, strong, and confident. I am incredibly grateful that I had Kay on my side during this stressful time and I would not hesitate to use her again if necessary. I highly recommend her services to anyone needing a family lawyer, she is everything you could hope for.

    - K.Z.

  • My child is with me 100% of the time.
    You guys did great. My child is with me 100% of the time and plays soccer now.

    - T.M.

  • I'm so glad I found Attorney Kay Polk.
    I'm happy and excited to share that I got together with Kay Polk, Attorney at Law. I could tell from our first conversation that she will be making a big difference in helping to build approval for my son who wants to live with his non-custodial parent at age 15. Please talk to her as you consider hiring an excellent attorney. Her office hours are most convenient and her fee and retainer are extraordinarily reasonable. I'm so glad I found Attorney Kay Polk to represent me in my important matter.

    - Joe S.

  • She has always made herself available.
    Let me start by saying I have used Kay Polk on 3 different Family Law cases and am currently on my 4th case with her. My past and present experiences with Kay and her office personnel have been wonderful. I have used a couple different attorneys in the past, and with no offense to them, Kay has outdone them both. Kay Polk has a very high level of understanding when it comes to Texas Family Law and code. She has been able to answer all my questions without hesitation and knew how to approach each of my cases with regards to Family Law/Code. She is very experienced in the Family Law courtroom and used this experience and knowledge of the Family Code to prepare me for each case. She has always made herself available to me when I had a question or concern and has always been quick to return my phone calls or emails. I have been in different courtrooms with Kay and she has a great reputation. My experiences with Kay have always been very honest and upfront. She is a trustworthy attorney and I believe this honesty and integrity is what has given her the reputation that she has. As I mentioned earlier, I am on my 4th case with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    - Sammy M.

  • You can't get much more experienced than her.
    Kay is an excellent family law attorney and once candidate for judge. She knows the ins and outs of the family courts. You can't get much more experienced than her.

    - Eric D.