Arguing couple

Minimize Conflict With Your Houston Divorce Lawyer

As tempting as it might be to get into a fight with your spouse, you want to keep the conflict out of your divorce. This will help you get to a final settlement a lot quicker. The goal is to get you started on the next chapter in your life without a lot of residual anger. Your Houston divorce lawyer can help you get there by reminding you to focus on the issues in front of you. 

Active Listening

One way to minimize conflict is to engage in active listening. As your Houston divorce law attorney will explain, this involves the ability to respond to your spouse's complaint by first restating that complaint. This shows you are hearing what they have to say as opposed to jumping right to your grievance. It can also help by softening your suggestions with the words "perhaps" and "maybe." That way you're making a request instead of a command. That will go a long way towards reducing the tension in the room. 

If your spouse starts to lose their temper and raises their voice, then counter that by lowering your voice. This doesn't mean dropping to a whisper but instead keeping your tone level. In other words, don't try to match their yelling. There is also a lot of power in the two words "I'm sorry." Even if you're not at fault for everything, you can still own some of the issues that brought you to this table. Apologizing can open the door for more of the same. 

Turn to Your Divorce Attorney for Support

Your divorce lawyer will not only have the expertise to manage your settlement but also the compassion to help you through these troubled times. For most of her career, Kay Polk, Attorney at Law has been helping couples resolve their marriage issues and setting them on a new course. Call her offices today at (713) 234-6260 to set up a meeting.