What Can I Do to Enforce Child Support?

Child support is essential for a custodial parent who would otherwise end up bearing the financial burden of caring for the children in the aftermath of a divorce. If your former spouse stopped making these crucial payments, you are likely facing some financial constraints. Under these circumstances, you will require the assistance of a knowledgeable legal professional who will represent your case and help ensure the order is enforced.

How to Enforce a Child Support Order

In some cases, a former spouse may have a legitimate reason for why payments ceased, such as the loss of a job. If you are on amicable enough terms, discuss the matter with your ex. You will still have to go to court, so a judge can review the details, and either temporarily modify the order or pause payments entirely.

If your former spouse does not have a legitimate reason for failing to fulfill this obligation, however, do not hesitate to take legal action.

Here are some ways in which the child support order may be enforced when a parent fails to comply:

  • Levying your former spouse’s bank account
  • Seizing your former spouse’s personal property
  • Charging penalties and interest to the amount your former spouse owes
  • Suspending your former spouse’s driver’s license
  • Placing a lien on your former spouse’s real estate
  • Intercepting your former spouse’s tax refund

Additionally, your former spouse may potentially face contempt of court charges if the order continues to be ignored.

Your children deserve to receive the financial support they need to grow and thrive, even after your marriage ends, so if your former spouse refuses to make these payments, now is the time to take the appropriate steps to enforce the order and ease the strain on your finances.

Discuss the Details of Your Child Support Enforcement Case with a Knowledgeable Attorney Today!

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