Will Creditors Come After Me for My Ex’s Debt?

During your divorce, assets, property, and debt were likely divided between you and your spouse, regardless of whose name was attached to the debt. Under your divorce decree, you may not be responsible for certain debts, but if your former spouse fails to keep up with payments, debt collectors may still pursue you to collect on these debts. Continue reading to learn more.

Debt and Divorce

Unless you were contractually released by a creditor or your ex-spouse refinanced a loan, removing your name from it, the divorce decree will not change the original agreement. Therefore, you will technically still owe these debts and creditors could still come after you for payments. Even if you remove your name from the title of a vehicle or home, it will not remove your name from the underlying loan. Similarly, removing your name from a joint credit card will not absolve you of responsibility for past debts. It will only ensure you are not responsible for any new charges.

If creditors are coming after you for debts your former spouse should be responsible for, you have the right to dispute it when collection efforts begin. To avoid taking a hit to your credit, you may also consider satisfying these payments while pursuing legal action. Ultimately, this can become a complicated situation, which is why it is often recommended for spouses to settle their debts before moving forward with the divorce process.

Do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney if creditors are attempting to collect debt from you that was assigned to your former spouse during your divorce.

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