Rebuilding Trust with Your Co-Parent After a Divorce

One of the greatest challenges divorced parents face after a split is rebuilding trust in one another as they continue to raise their children. For many, the breakdown of trust may have been what ultimately led to their divorce, so working together to rebuild it can be a difficult task. Continue reading for some tips on how to rebuild trust with your former spouse.

Trusting your Co-Parent Again

A big part of rebuilding trust with your co-parent is consistency. Consistent behavior will not only help build trust in your co-parenting relationship, but it will also help your children feel safe and secure.

Here are some tips on how to rebuild trust with your ex:

  • Keep your promises: If you tell your co-parent that you are going to do something, it is important to follow through on that promise. Of course, sometimes emergencies happen, so if something comes up, be honest, communicate with your ex, and work on coming to an agreement on it to address your children’s expectations.
  • Behave considerately: Part of being a considerate parent involves keeping your co-parent in the loop with your children’s activities and a willingness to be flexible. You both need to realize sacrifices need to occasionally be made to support the best interests of your children and it might not always be easy.
  • Listen to each other: Listening to your former spouse does not mean you approve of what is being instead. However, it is crucial to make an honest effort to understand each other without being dismissive or interrupting. Being a better listener will make you a much more effective communicator.
  • Hold back: Immediately after a divorce, you might have a lot of negative feelings towards your ex, but it is crucial to hold back on delivering zingers or pushing any buttons. Keep in mind that you will continue to be in each other’s lives for your children, even when they become adults, so showing some restraint and being kind will benefit everyone in the long run.

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