What if My Spouse Evades Service of the Divorce Papers?

Part of the divorce process involves serving your spouse divorce papers. Unfortunately, not all spouses make it easy to be served these papers, which can make the situation a little more complicated. The good news is that your spouse cannot prevent you from dissolving your marriage simply by avoiding the service of divorce papers.

Getting Divorced When Your Spouse Avoids Divorce Papers

It is a myth that, if you cannot serve your spouse divorce papers, the court will not proceed with your petition for divorce. The court will need proof that your spouse could not reasonably be served in person or by mail. You may also have to do a search of databases, for which you might need to hire a private investigator.

If the court is satisfied that your spouse cannot reasonably be served in person or by mail, you may be required to publish the summons in a newspaper or, if your spouse lives in another state, in a named paper outside of your state. If, after 4 consecutive weeks of publishing the summons, your spouse cannot be reached, the service will be considered complete on the final day of publication.

After the service is complete, the court will consider your spouse served. If your spouse does not respond within 30 days, you can pursue a default divorce, which will not require the participation of your spouse to move forward. Ultimately, a default judgment is for whatever is asked by the petitioner within reason.

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