Modifying Alimony After Divorce

Life can change substantially after a divorce. The original alimony order you received might not be appropriate for your life in the years after your split and, thankfully, there are ways to modify it. The simplest way to go about it is to first discuss it with your former spouse. If you are on friendly terms, you may be able to reach a resolution regarding a change in alimony, which can spare you some time in court. However, if this is impossible for your situation, you can still petition the court with your request.

How to Modify an Alimony Order

To receive a modification of your alimony order, you must present evidence that proves there was a substantial change in your situation. You will not be granted a modification if your reason for pursuing it is that you believe the original order was wrong.

Here are some examples of situations in which a judge may modify your alimony order:

  • Either party became involuntarily unemployed or experienced a cut in pay
  • Either party became disabled and can longer work
  • The party who is receiving support received a substantial increase in pay

If you voluntarily quit your job or voluntarily took a job with fewer duties and lower pay, a judge will not grant you a modification, so keep in mind that these are not steps you should take to adjust your alimony payments.

Additionally, if you involuntarily lost your job, a judge may only temporarily reduce or pause your alimony payments until you can find employment and resume your payments again. However, if you are the paying party and your former spouse remarries or lives with a new partner, you can petition the court to have these payments terminated.

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