How is Child Custody Determined?

Nothing matters more to parents than their children, which is why divorce is often such an emotional experience. In Texas, family courts base child custody on the best interests of the child. Additionally, it is also presumed that both parents will share parental duties and rights, though this may not necessarily be equal. Continue reading to learn more about how child custody is determined in a Texas divorce.

Determining Child Custody

Although family courts believe both parents should be involved in the lives of their children, the process of determining exactly how much time each parent will have with the children is a little more complex. Moreover, if a child is 12 years of age or older, that child can sign an affidavit to state any preferences. The judge might not follow these wishes, but it might be considered.

Here are some other factors a judge will examine when determining child custody:

  • The future and current needs of the child
  • If there is any future or current danger to the child
  • The stability of each parent’s home
  • Whether each parent is willing to support one another’s relationship with the child
  • The amount of physical distance between each parent’s home
  • The ability of each parent to prioritize the welfare and best interests of the child
  • Evidence of domestic violence
  • Any other factors a judge believes is pertinent to rendering a decision regarding child custody

If you are filing for divorce and share children with your spouse, it is crucial to hire an experienced attorney who can guide and advise you throughout the process and ensure your parental rights are protected.

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