How Quickly Can I Get Divorced in Texas?

Because Texas has a mandatory 60-day waiting period for divorce, the soonest anyone can finalize a divorce is 61 days.

The mandatory waiting period begins on the day the petitioning spouse files for divorce with the court. During this time, the petitioning spouse serves the respondent spouse, and – ideally – they meet with their attorneys to negotiate terms of the divorce, addressing issues such as property division, spousal maintenance, child custody, and other relevant matters.

If spouses can successfully negotiate the terms of their divorce during the waiting period, the drafted agreement may be finalized by a judge on the 61st day following the petition’s filing. That said, divorces aren’t always so quickly settled.

Disagreements Can Delay Divorce Finalization

Divorces can take longer than 61 days to complete due to a variety of factors. Chief among these factors is any sort of disagreement that a couple can’t resolve during negotiation. When spouses disagree on child custody or property division, for example, additional hearings may need to be scheduled. This can extend the time it takes to finalize a divorce to several months or even close to a year.

This doesn’t necessarily mean spouses should feel pressured to capitulate on issues about which they strongly feel. When one spouse is being overbearing and unreasonable with their terms for a divorce, litigation may be required to ensure the divorce agreement fairly considers the other spouse’s interests – as well as the interests of any children they have in common.

It’s Possible to Finalize Your Divorce in 61 Days

Divorce doesn’t have to drag on, especially when you and your spouse can formulate an agreement during the 60-day waiting period. In many cases, uncontested divorces can quickly resolve, allowing each party to move on with their lives as soon as possible.

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