How to Tell Your Children You Are Getting Divorced

Telling your children about your divorce is one of the most difficult things you may ever do as a parent, especially if they are very young. Your children will likely remember this conversation forever, so it is important to work with your spouse to plan out how to deliver this information in the most delicate way possible.

Breaking the News

Divorce is often challenging for children to process. The idea of their parents no longer being together can be earth-shattering and they may even feel responsible for it. We compiled some tips that can help make this conversation easier, so your children can better understand the coming changes.

How to tell your children you are getting divorced:

  • Tell them together: You may be angry with your spouse or there may be some uncomfortable feelings, but you should endeavor to tell your children together. The united front you present to them will be comforting and offer some reassurance that you will still parent them together. Your children may approach either one of you individually if they have questions later on, but try to have this initial conversation as a family.
  • Make a plan: You should also be on the same page regarding what you will say. Telling them together will only work if you are delivering the same message. You should also decide on when to tell them. Ideally, this conversation should happen during a weekend, so they have some extra time to process the information without immediately going back to school.
  • Do not blame each other: Your children will undoubtedly ask why you are getting divorced and the temptation to blame each other will be high. Do not start pointing fingers at each other. Doing so will only cause your children further distress and anxiety.
  • Reassure your children: It is very common for children to feel responsible or guilty for their parents’ divorce. Let them know that it is not their fault and that, regardless of the state of your marriage, you will both always love them.

Your children will probably have questions later on, so it is important to be available to them and offer more clarity as you move forward.

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