When Does Alimony End in Texas?

If you are getting divorced and your spouse is seeking alimony, you may have some questions about its duration. How long your alimony order lasts will depend on the details of your marriage, including domestic violence and whether it was a long-term marriage. Continue reading to find out more about the factors that determine when alimony ends.

The Length of Alimony

Alimony duration is based on several factors. For example, if the recipient is caring for a child of the marriage who has a disability, or there is some other reason that would prevent the recipient from earning income, a judge may order additional time when granting alimony. Although it is uncommon, indefinite alimony may be ordered. However, the paying spouse is entitled to periodic review to assess whether or not the conditions that warranted indefinite alimony still exist.

Here is what you need to know about alimony duration in Texas:

  • If family violence was involved and the marriage lasted for less than 10 years, or it lasted between 10 and 20 years, the maximum duration for alimony is 5 years.
  • If the marriage lasted between 20 and 30 years, alimony is capped at 7 years.
  • If the marriage lasted for over 30 years, alimony is capped at 10 years.

There are also some circumstances in which alimony may be reduced or terminated before the order ends. For example, if the receiving spouse cohabitates with a new partner, this is often compelling enough to either reduce or eliminate alimony. Additionally, if the receiving spouse remarries, this typically results in an automatic termination of alimony. If you are dealing with alimony matters, it is essential to hire an experienced attorney to guide you through your case.

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