6 Frequent Divorce Mistakes

In this article, a skilled Houston family lawyer explains some of the most common errors spouses make during and after a divorce.

Three Types of Mistakes
Your Houston family attorney can place these errors in three primary categories: money, new relationships and adversarial behavior.

Category 1: Money
1. Misuse of funds: Experienced Houston family lawyers have found that one common error that spouses make is the inappropriate withdrawal of funds from a joint bank account and abuse of credit cards. If you cannot discuss the separation of finances and credit card accounts with your spouse, it may be appropriate for you to set up an account under your own name and place your half of your joint funds there.

2. Hiding information: Although your Houston family lawyer can acquire such financial documents as may be needed, it is wiser for both you and your spouse to be forthcoming regarding financial information. Withholding information helps no one and can only make your divorce more expensive.

3. Concealment of money or property: Attempting to conceal income or assets is unwise in the extreme and for all intents and purposes practically impossible. There is always a trail to be found and there are plenty of investigators capable of finding it. Since there are penalties for this type of activity, your Houston family lawyer strongly recommends that you not attempt it.

Category 2: New Relationships
4. Significant others: There are many reasons why your Houston family attorney might advise against becoming involved with another individual prior to the completion of your divorce. For the sake of your own emotional well-being and to prevent possible jealousy on the part of your spouse, thereby increasing the possibility of conflict, it is usually advisable to avoid new personal relationships until after your divorce is final.

Category 3: Adversarial Behavior
5. Fighting: In order to keep the expenditure of time and money as low as possible, your Houston family attorney recommends that you keep your behavior as non-adversarial as can reasonably be expected. Avoid the temptation to allow your emotions to overrule your good sense, and examine your own behavior in contentious situations to be certain that you are not at fault rather than immediately blaming your spouse. Under the best of circumstances, divorce can be difficult. There is no need to make it more so.

6. Prolonging the Struggle: Once your divorce has been finalized, your Houston family lawyer strongly recommends that you leave it that way. The fight is over. Resist the temptation to keep it going by continuing to litigate, especially over children. There is often too little to gain and too much to lose to make it worthwhile.

Don’t Make These Mistakes
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