Anger and Grief in Divorce

When a marriage or relationship ends, parents want to make custody arrangements that will protect the welfare of their children. Legal issues that need to be resolved in a child custody case include decisions regarding education, healthcare, and place of residence. If the parents aren't able to reach an amicable agreement, the case can become very contentious. A Houston child custody lawyer is able to skillfully negotiate the terms of a custody agreement or aggressively fight for your rights if it's necessary to litigate the case in court.

Houston Child Custody Lawyer Discusses Factors That Affect Child Custody
Court decisions in child custody cases are based on the best interests of the child. Factors the judges consider are the child's physical and emotional needs; whether the parents can work together and make decisions regarding the child; the ability of the parents to take care of the child; the geographic proximity of the parents and other issues that are relevant to the case. Sharing custody and the duties of raising the child are encouraged unless the child's safety will be jeopardized due to neglect, abuse or a history of violence inflicted by one of the parents. The Houston child custody lawyer will implement a legal strategy that emphasizes the importance of maintaining the most stable and safe environment for your child.

Houston Child Custody Attorney Explains Child Custody Arrangements in Texas
Child custody is either granted as a sole managing conservatorship or joint managing conservatorship. A conservatorship encompasses the parent's right to make decisions regarding the child's welfare and upbringing. Under a sole managing conservatorship, one parent has the legal right to make all of the decisions. The joint managing conservatorship gives both parents the right to make decisions about the child. Based on the unique needs of your family, a Houston child custody attorney will help you decide which custody arrangement is most suitable for you and your child.

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