What is Parallel Parenting?

When parents go through a high-conflict divorce, it can be difficult to get back on track as co-parents. Although collaborative parenting is more ideal for children, the fact is that not every divorced couple can maintain a healthy relationship as parents so soon after a split. Instead, exes in this situation may choose to parallel parent instead to minimize interactions and reduce the potential for conflict.

Why Choose to Parallel Parent

Parallel parenting is a style of parenting that allows both parties to raise their children without having to frequently engage with one another. Both parents will have control over their individual parenting responsibilities without the need for one another’s approval.

Since parents will not have the advantage of regular communication, parallel parenting plans must be much more specific.

Here is some of what yours should state:

  • A place to exchange the kids
  • The beginning and end time of each scheduled visitation
  • How to eliminate other issues that may cause conflict if the court order is vague or there is miscommunication

A parallel parenting plan should also include provisions regarding make-up time and cancellations, transportation, and what may happen if there is a dispute between parents over the visitation schedule.

It Does Not Have to Be Permanent

Parallel parenting does not have to last forever. If you and your ex are able to develop a more amicable and cooperative relationship, you can transition from parallel parenting into co-parenting. Time may heal your old wounds and the hostility that once existed between the two of you may fizzle out, allowing more frequent interactions without any conflict. You can always revisit your parenting plan and make changes according to your evolving circumstances.

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